NGINIX on a 256MB VM slice ~24,000 TPS


Michael Cutler

CTO Co-Founder of the Data Science startup TUMRA ... ex-BSkyB, bit of an armchair astrophysicist and occasional genius :-)

  • reno

    very impressive post. i just duscover nginx and movabletype on i just love both. you guess it my question is do have a simple solution or guide to make a newbee like me acheive this very nice combination movableype running on top of nginx instance.
    for now i’ve just been playing around with movable type on a regular apache instance.

  • John

    You should have just turned up the conntrack bucket limit to eliminate the dropped connections. We have this same issue here with about 30,000 connections per second full stateful and connection tracking, we set some 128,000 maximum buckets. Every 3 buckets is 1KB so 65536 would eat 21MB but eh. 25,000 connections is about 8MB to track.

    Please try this and update this article, or post a new blog entry referencing it.